Urameshi Yuusuke (reigun_yuusuke) wrote,
Urameshi Yuusuke

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It's about time...

someone has stolen my brand-new laptop that i just bought..... if someone wernt in charge up there, someone else would be dead. im in the library right now, typeing this. i was gonna stop by and see keiko earlier sometime, but when i went to go in, i seen shishiwakamaru and co. in there talking so i figured not to bother them. I did see that Juri and Suzuki have arrived. i think im going to visit ma tomorrow, i hope thats ok. ever since that fight with those youkai with the thingy the Toddler was looking for, everyone been on Shizuru's case... Why? i dont see no harm in her going to look around, if she really needed something, she wouldda asked for it. or at least i think she wouldda.... gah! stupid librarian... i need to go, im scaring the little kids in the 'childs reading' section right next to me..... im gonna go look for that bastard that stole my laptop, or steal a new one....
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