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I just love how shit likes to start when I'm away. Damn...

I figured my rest wouldn't be as drama free as I like. Probably the pessimist in me, but call me crazy...I thought returning home was suppose to be stress FREE. Heh, I guess my mom coming home and not even recognizing me because she was too shit faced on vodka and soy sauce was an indicator of things to come. But hey...I guess you get use to it.

You know, at least when fighting demons and shit, matters are quite easy. Fight the the things trying to bite your head off and beat your face into hamburger, and then it's done. Job complete. Earth is saved.

But now this...I think I'll have to...discuss the nature of our partnership...

It's fucking crazy, I truly think dealing with a 7 personality mad man would make more sense than this. But well...you gotta do what you gotta do.

Hiei, we need to talk.
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